Yenka Computing & ICT

Innovative tools to introduce programming: control animated characters using flowchart programs, and learn about loops, functions and variables.


  • Sequences - introduce computer programming by controlling 3D dancing characters.

  • Programming - control on-screen animations and 3D characters with a wide range of flowchart commands.

Yenka Sequences

Yenka Sequences is an innovative tool for introducing computer control and programming. Control dancers by making simple flowcharts, and learn about sequences of instructions, loops and functions.

Modelling a dance routine is a great way to learn about computer programming. Both require a set of steps to be carried out in the right order.

Loops can be used to repeat steps, and a chorus routine is ideal for teaching about functions.

Get Yenka Sequences free

Yenka Sequences is free to use at home or school.

To get your school copy, here's what you do:

  1. Log in or register, then add the free 'Sequences' product to your account. You'll find it by clicking "Free School Licences", in section 2.

  2. Follow the instructions to download, install and activate Yenka Sequences.

To use Yenka Sequences at home, simply download Yenka.

Yenka Programming

Yenka Programming is the main product for learning about computing and programming.

It includes everything that's in Yenka Sequences, and a wide range of other features, too:


  • Add music for your characters to dance to - choose from 23 built-in tracks, or import your own, and synchronise the dancers;

  • Import 3D models, including those from Google's free Sketchup Warehouse;

  • Create your own animations to use, and control them using flowchart programs

  • Use new commands, including...

    o     define and test variables, and use them in mathematical expressions;

    o      event handlers, to start your program when on-screen events happen;

    o      commands to set and read the properties of on-screen animations.

Yenka Programming vs Yenka Sequences

Get Yenka Sequences free

Here's a comparison of the main objects and commands available in Yenka Programming and Yenka Sequences.


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