Sumdog is an engaging learning platform which motivates your students to practice maths, reading, writing, and spelling - while you have full control over what they learn. 

Sumdog has an adaptive learning engine which, after a short diagnostic session, automatically detects each student's grade level and ensures questions are tailored to their indiviudal needs. Because Sumdog's understanding of each student evolves minute by minute, the educational path for that student also evolves. This means that Sumdog is always up-to-date with what the student needs.


The combination of assessment and progress reporting allows teachers to easily evaluate student performance and identify areas in need of additional attention. Sumdog can then provide the practice exercises required for students to gain fluency in these areas. Teachers can set challenges or restrict the student to focus on particular skills.


Sumdog collects a wealth of data so that you can track your students' progress using our powerful reports. You can view your students progres over time in a chart or in a detailed report. You can see when students have completed each skill and how it correlates to your curriculum.