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Engaging evidence-based learning


Sumdog Maths covers maths skills for children aged 5-14.


Grammar and vocabulary practice for students aged 6-11.


Developing spelling, grammar and creative writing for ages 6-11.


Curriculum aligned word practice for ages 6-11.

I started using Sumdog mid-year and have seen tremendous growth.

D. Hendershot, West Elementary, KS, USA

Available for desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile

Adaptive learning

Sumdog adaptive learning engine delivers curriculum-aligned questions targeted to each student's level.

You're free to focus your teaching where it matters most.

Targeted Intervention

Sumdog's intervention tools help you identify students who may be struggling or require extra assistance, and tailor their learning as needed.

Target your interventions to individual students or small groups - while Sumdog's adpative learning engine manages the rest of the class.

Curriculum Linked

On Sumdog, we split each year's learning into skills, and each skill into steps.

These skill plans are correlated with the key curriculum and standards.

Teachers can see how each skill and step is aligned to the curriculum, and can modify the order in which they are presented to the students to fit their own learning plan.

Engaging for all

Engagement: the key to growth

With Sumdog, your students will love learning. This gives them confidence, and encourages them to practice.

Sumdog uses positive reinforcement to reward achievement. Students are keen to learn in order to receive rewards.

Progress reports

The combination of assessment and progress reporting allows teachers to easily evaluate student performance and identify areas in need of additional attention.

As students play, Sumdog track detailed metrics.

You'll see detailed proficiency charts, showing growth against the curriculum.