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Secondary School Maths: Student reports, assessments, premium games, target skills, activities. Whole-School Subscription, per 100 students, for 12 months duration.

Sumdog Secondary School Maths - School Subscription

  • It’s an online educational portal helps students develop math skills for grades 1 to 8 through learning by games strategy.

    Sumdog is one of the most advanced international portal that was able to reach more than 6,0000,000 users in the first 5 years. And it’s deployed in more than 25 % from schools in USA.

    And this program is great chance for schools who look for introducing featured e-learning program for their students, it combines both efficiency and quality of education and fun, pleasure and challenge for students. It’s simple but powerful and rich with detailed reports about student progress at each skill. Which gives great impression at the parents side.