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Eureka.in NSES K4 (Mono) - Single Machine License

SKU: DM1410
  • 'Eureka.in' Mono comes with a library of around 4000 topics. These topics cater to K12 Curriculum of Science and Mathematics across the globe. Each topic comes with a set of multiple learning resources like:

    1. 3D animated videos,
    2. 3D simulations,
    3. 3D interactive,
    4. quiz,
    5. images,
    6. text,
    7. web-links,
    8. glossary and
    9. key-terms

    as one single integrated learning package. In addition, we have a series of lab experiments which can be performed in the ambience of a virtual lab. The 3D animated videos act as strong visualization tools for easy understanding of complex concepts. Likewise, the 3D simulations, 3D Interactive, 3D Virtual labs set in the fun-filled gaming environment, give learners infinite opportunity to actively interact with challenging concepts resulting in a comprehensive grip of the topic.