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Why Is Game-Based Learning Gaining Importance In The Modern-Aged Education?

Playing comes naturally to children of all age groups. It is vital for their physical and mental development. Once children get involved in the play, they discover the impact of the world and get familiar with their surroundings. Play is fulfilling physically and emotionally.

Game-based learning is dynamic and is established on taking gaming principles, and applying it to the real-life situation of the curriculum which engages children to move towards a goal. Educational material is learned through the play-way method, which introduces concepts as well as guide learners towards a specific goal.

Skill Learning

Students choose some action, and they need to deal with the consequences of their action. The idea behind game-based learning is teaching by:

  • Repetition

  • Failure

  • Reaching the desired goal

The difficulty level is maintained, which is conquerable and challenging, and can be achieved. The student is active he learns and ultimately practice the correct path. Educational activities give knowledge and skill.

Operating computer games aids in the betterment of memory and speed. Attention span increases, leading to flexibility and better creativity. Educational games are part of the modern curriculum. Students show the ability to be critical, confident as well as creative. It gives them abilities for a better future.

Children Operate the Machine!

Educational games for kids are a wonderful method to create skills that they need to thrive in school. All subjects can be fun, such as:

  • Maths

  • Language

  • Arts

  • Science

Both pre-schoolers and middle-class students benefit from it. The advantage of educational games for kids:

  • The betterment of memory

  • Well versed in computer and simulation

  • Progress in thinking as well as problem-solving

  • Mastery over hand-eye coordination

  • Improvement in skill-building

Role of Educational Games!

Educational games online are a good mechanism for laying the foundation in subjects like maths as well as language skills. Critical thinking increases, which is important in modern times. Other benefits include:

  • Enhances memory capacity: The learner needs to recall aspects which go a long way in solving games, remembering critical arrangements, or keep in mind the oral instructions.

  • Ease in the computer as well as Simulation: Modern age is the age of technology. Children learn to operate a computer well. In coordination, they learn the skill of mouse, keyboard use. They become familiar with the name and use of a username, password, browsing, navigation, etc.

  • Thinking is rapid on key issues: Games require fast action and thinking. Logic must be applied to solve the situation. Accuracy must be maintained, and unique thinking process foundation is laid.

  • Coordination of hand-eye matures: Children use their finger with the mobile devices and a monitor together, and their ability at multitasking increases.

  • Proficient at skill: Children learn to read maps with practicality. Children may learn about finances, and so on.

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“A Friend Not A Foe”

There is a change in the way children are being educated. The approach to learning has also altered. The aim is to make children enjoy the whole learning process. The stress-free environment helps in better retention. A single game takes within its different gamut subjects, and the demarcation is removed, Children see the connection between different subjects.

It is difficult for a student to fail publicly. Computer games keep their privacy and let them try the module again till they understand the concept.It is not rote learning but learning through experimentation as well as trial and error. This way the computer becomes a best friend.

Games should be used in an educational setting. The games aid in the learning of different subjects, enlarge concepts, development is reinforced, and lengthy subjects are made interesting. All that is needed is the right skill.

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