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Studies Now Personalized: The New Adaptive Learning Technologies

Studies Now Personalized: The New Adaptive Learning Technologies
Studies Now Personalized: The New Adaptive Learning Technologies

Smart gadgets and intelligent electronics are making smart learning possible. Adaptive learning in education effectively promotes integrated personalized learning and adaptive learning. It changes the following factors in students:

  • Individual characteristics

  • Individual performance

  • Adaptive adjustment

  • Personal development

Adaptive teaching or adaptive learning technology is an educational procedure that adopts computer algorithms that coordinates the interplay of the learner and conveys customized resources and information after analysing the unique requirement of each learner?

Adaptive learning technologies’ goal is to assist emulates as well as support the best learning experience for every single student. It does not replace the educator. Not all learning is adaptive. Adaptive learning can teach sumptuous students at a time.

Research Adaptive Learning in Education!

Technology-based learning has reached classrooms, and the outcome is four changes namely according to Adu and Poo 2014:

  • e-learning

  • m-learning

  • u-learning

  • s-learning

In short, it is a smart learning environment or SLE. Huang 2012 and Gros 2016 states that SLE is based on two varieties of technologies; smart devices technologies like the internet and intelligent technologies like learning analysis, cloud computing. It brings the learner extra flexibility, effectiveness, adaptation, engagement, motivation, and feedback, as stated by Spector 2014.

The personalized learning method is through automation, which utilized decisions based on data collected by the automated machine. It makes suitable learning to students in real-time learning conditions. The student’s individual characteristics and needs are the basis for the display of the next content.

The acumen of personalized learning can be tracked to Confucius’s methodology, which highlighted teaching students based on their aptitude. The adaptive learning is also student-centered teaching. Wleklinski 2017 has compared adaptive learning to Skinner’s teaching machine program. It is based on simple rules and standards.

The Future of Adaptive Learning Technology!

Adaptive learning is getting investments and grants, and this technology will develop and expand. It will grow in future persuading universities, colleges, and professional associates and related organizations to accept it sooner or later. It is true that anytime entry to online platforms adaptive learning assists the learner to progress in multiple ways such as increased control, the learner can target what he needs to know and avoid that is familiar.

The learner experiences an extra commitment, lots of fun, and a sense of accomplishment. In-depth learning like better memorization and information retention stays for a long time. The learner has higher confidence.

Gartner forecasted that adaptive learning platforms would impact the future of education. The future procedure of learning will involve personalized experiences through a process that make meaningful experiences for a learner of all ages. It may appear that adaptive learning will replace teachers, but such a thing will not happen. In the future, even smaller districts will rely on adaptive learning.

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