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Student-Centric & Adaptive Learning: Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Many may wonder what adaptive learning is. It is an educational arrangement which is based on computer algorithms to integrate education through computer interaction to student. The resources can be personalized in speed and content. The machine modifies the unique requirement of the learner based on inputs given by every single student using this software. It is a non-traditional method of learning.

This new concept had its inception in the 1970s with the presence of a computer. Adaptive learning helps instructor and learner through a combination of:

  • Educational software

  • Basic technologies

  • Interactive multidimensional interface

It is not passive learning. We are all individually unique and differ in the pace of learning. Some learner in classroom situation lag whiles another forge ahead of others. Adaptive learning gives a path that suits the individual learner.

Advantages of Adaptive Learning

This type of education can be titled as modern education. Several educational institutions have realized the benefit of such education. They invested in these models of education.

  1. It aids teachers and the learner: The teachers can ponder on the individual needs of every student through data analysis. The weakness and strengths of pupils can be done rapidly. The method of teaching can then be accommodated accordingly. The stress is on students understanding.

  2. Learner’s sufficiency and frustration level tracked: Students do not dwell on the material they have mastered, nor do they waste time on too challenging material, which is beyond their comprehension. The personalized individual rate of learning is adapted to where learner pursues studies without fear of failure.

  3. Schools, as well as universities, work through adapted learning: Here learning process is course matter through technology. Each student gets feedback on his performance when he uses virtual labs, simulations, and use additional application-based software. Thus, adaptive learning has reached classrooms.

  4. Emulating student-teacher experience: The teacher does not emphasis to tell but on the contrary bases learning through challenged strategize method. The software should be such that the learner neither feels rushed or bored in what they are doing. The software should be engaging. The adaptive material should be carefully selected to keep students motivated.

  5. Instant feedback: The students come to know their correct answers and their errors along with their work in details immediately.

Implementation of Adaptive Learning

Implementation is vital when non-traditional, adaptive learning is concerned. Effective adaptive learning requires focus based on the following aspects:

  • Precise curriculum design

  • Best suited technology

  • Professional educators

This brings about engaging happenings for students. The experience becomes time-efficient, as well as effective. Feedback should be methodical, so students can perceive their journey roadblocks understand and apply. This participation and evaluation lead to success.

Where school administration is concerned, they have many taxing problems in the form of reduced test scores of students, reduced budget being the main. Adaptive learning can help them to improve academic results. With the passage of time, adaptive learning will be the new norm in the educational field. The existing gaps in education will be filled through adaptive learning.

About Alam Khwarizm

Alam Khwarizm is an E-Learning company and distributor that cater to educational products for schools all over the Middle East. All adults involved with children education,including the teachers, parents, and students opt for our software to complete the curriculum. These product-apps help students to move at their pace. Our award-winning products, especially Sumdog adaptive learning engine delivers curriculum-aligned questions targeted to each student's level.

The company is stationed at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia develops and supplies educational software, which is relevant to the curriculum.

Alam Khwarizm’s interdisciplinary team collaborates with the clients to understand their needs and explain them the principles and technology on which these products work, stating the following product highlights:

  • 3D science models

  • Virtual labs

  • STEM learning

  • Simulation

  • Adaptive learning


Adaptive learning is here to stay as a new norm in education. The lacuna within the education of present times can be filled by technology. Adaptive learning’s goal is to emulate as well as support and replace the traditional format of education.

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