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Adaptive Learning - 5 Vital Aspects to Know About This Methodology!

The generation we are living in today thrives on the internet; because of its easy accessibility and vast platform. Several online businesses enjoy popularity among large masses with their user-friendly interface and unbiased viewing option. Adaptive learning is a platform that avails these benefits for children, and even adults, and encourages them to indulge in innovative, effective, and comfortable ways of learning.

What is Adaptive Learning?

Imagine an AI that teaches you with efficiency and in creative ways and combine that with the personalized engagement of a personal dedicated tutor. Adaptive learning is an online education system, otherwise known as the technology-based education system, which observes the performance of a student and transforms its teaching methods to suit the learning capacity of the student.

This results in optimum results in the betterment in the student’s achievements. Adding to this, it engages the client in ingenious ways of learning because of its personalized tone that the individual would be attracted to.

What are its Five Vital Aspects?

Understanding the advantages and basics of adaptive learning can be acknowledged better with the knowledge of five of its important aspects:

1. It Offers a Grey Area for Students

The intelligent technology of Adaptive Learning enables the Zone of Proximal Development (ZDP), which enhances the mastery of any study material. This ZDP allows repeated learning; therefore, students get a zone where they can become comfortable by studying the same material repeatedly. In turn, they do not get frustrated with the introduction of new and difficult material too quickly.

2. This Methodology helps Students, as well as Teachers

On using adaptive learning techniques, students get an updated report of where they are lacking, and which are the strong points of their learning curve. This analysis helps teachers to understand the weaknesses of their students, which would take those hours of one-on-one tutoring to know.

3. The Students Receive Immediate and Accurate Feedback

Getting feedback which is constructive helps students to grow from their mistakes, and learn to try better. This encourages them to indulge in methods of learning that they can work with personally. Other than the involvement of AL technology and a teacher, students can conduct effective self-study.

4. Reduction of Study Time Required in Achieving Mastery!

The smart technologies involved in this type of learning offers ample time to strengthen student’s weak point; thereby, eradicating the chances of failure in them. Additionally, both teachers and students with this technology require minimal time in interacting with each other, due to the adaptive learning technology. (source:

5. The U.S. Department of Education is Financing for Adaptive Learning

The government of U.S has presented a National Technology Plan (NETP,) which sanctions the uses technology and adaptive learning for teaching that has personalized touch and encompasses simultaneous improvement within learners. This support is a much-needed boost for EdTech all over the globe.

What is the Scope of Adaptive Learning?

A few surveys were conducted within Michigan State University (MSU), where students were introduced to the AL technology and its advanced software tools, by MSU Extension. The survey, namely ‘Effect of Adaptive Learning Method and Tool on Learning Experience’ procured these results where 96% of people supported the aspects of AL. (source:

What is Sumdog in Terms of AL?

Sumdog is engaging, evidence-based learning where inventive tools are used for adaptive learning. It helps your child grow into the field of his study, and make better use of the technology. Sumdog classes incorporate Math, reading, writing, and communicative skills.

Alam Khwarizm provides Sumdog, encompasses positive reinforcements by involving teachers in knowing the skills of the learner, and giving feedback to the students.

About Alam Khwarizm:

Alam Khwarizm is an e-Learning company and distributor based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia develops and supplies educational software all over the Middle East, which is relevant to the curriculum. Several educators and caretakes prefer to use our software. Our product-apps help students to adapt the pace of their learning.

Our award-winning products, especially the Sumdog adaptive learning engine, delivers curriculum-aligned questions targeted to each student's level.

Final Thoughts!

Indulging in Adaptive Learning serves a great purpose for both the learner and the educator. Technology has shaped the world we live in today; hence, it is only valid to let it affect us in positive ways.

AL technology is a pioneer in revolutionizing the learning methodology and fits the perfect image of the next-gen that looks everything up on the internet and is fluent in using all sorts of technology. It is innovative in enhancing efficiency and making learning fun!

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